About Us

Welcome to Three Roses, home of personalised decor, dried and silk floral designs and more.

We are located in Rangiora Canterbury, where Three Roses is currently a one man band - creating timeless, affordable, and unique designs for events and homes throughout New Zealand. My name is Nicole, I have an amazing supportive hubby and 3 young daughters who are 8, 7 and 4, – who certainly keep me on my toes, literally all of the time!

Three Roses  provides a multitude of services, from artificial and dried florals, to personalised decor for kids rooms, the home and wedding keepsakes. Providing the option of Artificial Florals is what started this passion, giving the option of a more affordable choice, yet still classy and beautiful, cutting the cost but still getting exactly the same look as fresh. Three Roses sources its artificial florals from a few suppliers, however the majority come from a local Christchurch business where I find the quality outstanding, and the options are endless with artificial florals. The dried florals are either grown myself and dried, or sourced from within NZ, all of our preserved florals come from Auckland and the quality is nothing other than beautiful. 

Three Roses also offers laser cut designs, birth plaques, milestone cards and personalised MDF and Marine Ply decor. 


This small businesses keep  me at home with my girls, I can go on the school trips, I can have unplanned days off for sickness and I can just enjoy them being little, so thank you form the bottom of my heart for choosing to shop with Three Roses.


Owner, Director and Creator